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 lokpath  7 June, 2022

Following the recent mass shootings in the United States, the…

Mark Barden has seen moments like this slip by, when he believed the US Congress

 lokpath  2 June, 2022

Toyota Automobiles in Nepal

Kathmandu: Toyota Global Automobile Brand has been public’s priority option when it comes to automobiles

 lokpath  2 June, 2022

Parliamentary and provincial elections are expected to take place by the mid of…

Kathmandu: In yesterday’s meeting of the ruling alliance’s coordination committee, Nepali Congress leader Ramchandra Paudel

 lokpath  31 May, 2022

Newly elected Kathmandu mayor and deputy mayor receive praise for…

Kathmandu: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s newly elected mayor, deputy mayor, ward chairpersons, and ward members

 lokpath  30 May, 2022

World’s Leading Car Companies: Asia vs Worldwide

Asia Toyota Motors Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest automaker of the world. It is

 lokpath  26 May, 2022

Rabindra Mishra, the president of the Bibeksheel Sajha Party has…

Kathmandu: Mishra announced his resignation as president in a statement on Wednesday, citing a dismal

 lokpath  26 May, 2022

Balendra Shah is certain to become Mayor of the KMC while Sunita…

Kathmandu: Balendra Shah ‘Balen,’ the mayoral contender, is scheduled to succeed Bidya Sundar Shakya as Mayor

 lokpath  23 May, 2022

The election results of 26 local units are now pending.

Kathmandu: During the preliminary stage of vote counting in Kathmandu, Election Commission officials showing ballot

 lokpath  20 May, 2022

North Korea uses traditional medicine to fight Covid.

Kathmandu: North Korea is fighting Covid in an unvaccinated population without access to efficient antiviral

 lokpath  19 May, 2022

On Mt. Everest; NatGeo scientists have installed the highest weather station.

Kathmandu: At an altitude of 8,830 meters, a team of scientists from the National Geographic