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On Mt. Everest; NatGeo scientists have installed the highest weather station.

Published on : 19 May, 2022 4:31 pm

Kathmandu: At an altitude of 8,830 meters, a team of scientists from the National Geographic Society has successfully established the “world’s highest weather station” on Mt Everest.

According to the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, the weather station was constructed last week at 8,830m, a few meters below the summit peak (8,848.86m), by a multidisciplinary team of climate scientists and world-renowned climbers who spent nearly a month in the Everest region.

Below the summit point, an automatic weather monitoring station powered by solar panels is expected to measure air temperature, wind speed and direction, air pressure, change in snow surface height, incoming shortwave and long-wave radiation, and outgoing shortwave and long-wave radiation.

During the National Geographic Society’s Perpetual Planet Extreme expedition on Mt Everest in April/May 2019, five automatic weather stations were installed. Balcony (8,430 m), South Col (7,945 m), Camp II (6,464 m), Everest Base Camp (5,315 m), and Phortse all have weather stations (3,810 m). The Balcony station failed a few months after it was installed, while the South Col station has failed to deliver data as anticipated.

According to a source, a team led by Appalachian State University climate scientist Baker Perry constructed the world’s highest weather station at 8,830 meters and maintained other stations, including one at South Col. While building the weather station, a few members of the expedition, including climate scientists Tom Matthews and Ari Khadka, scaled the Mt Everest as well.

According to DHM officials, the team has returned to Kathmandu after completing the project.

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