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North Korea uses traditional medicine to fight Covid.

Published on : 20 May, 2022 4:08 pm

Kathmandu: North Korea is fighting Covid in an unvaccinated population without access to efficient antiviral medications.

To protect itself against the pandemic, the country closed its borders in early 2020. Its leaders have so far refused foreign medical assistance.

If we take a look on state media, it has been advocating various traditional therapies for “fever.”

Hot liquids may help relieve some Covid symptoms, such as a sore throat or cough, as well as aid hydration in individuals who are losing more fluid than usual.

Inflammation and soreness are also relieved by ginger and willow leaf. However, they are not a cure for the infection.

A couple who advocated gargling with salt water morning and night was recently interviewed by state media. According to the state news agency “thousands of tonnes of salt” had been sent to Pyongyang to prepare a “antiseptic solution.”

As per several research, gargling and nasal rinses with salt water can help fight viruses that cause illnesses.

However, there is very less evidence that shows that they slow down Covid’s spread.

The health system in North Korea has been set up to provide free medical care ranging from basic village services to specialized treatment in government facilities (usually in urban centres).

However, restrictions and adverse winters, like as droughts, have caused the economy to shrink in recent years.

The country’s borders being closed and tight lockdown measures being implemented will have a negative impact. The health system is reported to be particularly inadequate outside of Pyongyang, with shortages of workers, medicines, and equipment.

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