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Balendra Shah is certain to become Mayor of the KMC while Sunita Dangol’s victory looks assured as well.

Published on : 26 May, 2022 2:32 pm

Kathmandu: Balendra Shah ‘Balen,’ the mayoral contender, is scheduled to succeed Bidya Sundar Shakya as Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Balen’s fate as the new Mayor is sealed, despite the fact that the ballots from the recently held polls for the top executive job in the city are still being counted. He is almost 20,000 votes ahead of his nearest competitor, with just roughly 19,000 votes yet to be counted.

So far, the independent candidate has gotten 55,777 votes, with Sirjana Shrestha of the Nepali Congress coming in second with 35,371 votes. Meanwhile, Keshav Sthapit, the UML’s candidate, is in second place with 34,626 votes. Residents of the metropolis cast a total of 192,000 ballots in the local elections conducted on May 13.

Not just Shah, but a few other independent candidates, including Harka Sampang in Dharan, Manoj Kumar Sah in Janakpur, and Gopal ‘Gopi’ Hamal in Dhangadhi, made headlines this year with significant wins in important sub-metropolises.

Sunita Dangol, a CPN-UML candidate, is on her way to become deputy mayor of Kathmandu Metropolis in a landslide victory.

Dangol has received 60,675 votes so far, while her closest rival, the ruling alliance’s Rameshwar Shrestha, has only received 20,686 votes.

As a result, Dangol leads by roughly 40,000 votes, securing the contract for the deputy mayoral candidate.
In the surveys, she garnered the most votes from the general public.

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