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Ghalan, carrying motorcar to KTM from Bhimphedi for Rana rulers, passes away

Published on : 23 December, 2020 1:34 pm

Kathmandu : Hira Bahadur Ghalan, one among the people who carried the first motorcar to Kathmandu from Bhimphedi of Makawanpur for the then Rana rulers, passed away last night. The first motorcar to Kathmandu was carried by people when there was no road facility.

Suffering from paralysis for the past one year, Ghalan of Thaha municipality-5 of Makawanpur district died at the age of 89.

With the demise of Ghalan, the story of the Nepal’s legendary people carrying the motor cars to Kathmandu for the Rana rulers has been limited to the pages of history. After the death of Jukta Bahadur Waiba of Thaha municipality-5, two years ago, Ghalan was the only living person among those carrying the vehicles for Rana rulers.

Ward Chairperson Bishnu Bahadur Gurung said that he is very sad from the demise of Ghalan, the most senior citizen of his ward.

Ghalan had started carrying vehicles since 2006 BS and he carried 25 vehicles in his life. Locals of Sano Phakhel, Tasar, Markhu, Sarbang, Binsikhel, Chitlang and Phakhel areas used to work as porters during the time of the Rana regime. A total of 48 porters of Tasar village had carried vehicles during Rana regime.

Ghalan is survived by two sons and three daughters.

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