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 lokpath  11 August, 2023

Social Media Abuse on Smartphones: A Modern Problem

By Phatya Bahadur Khadka The use of social media on smartphones, which has already revolutionized

 lokpath  16 June, 2022

Xiaomi: Mi’s growing market in Nepal

History and Background Formed in 2010, it launched its first smartphone in 2011; the Xiaomi

 lokpath  2 June, 2022

Toyota Automobiles in Nepal

Kathmandu: Toyota Global Automobile Brand has been public’s priority option when it comes to automobiles

 lokpath  30 May, 2022

World’s Leading Car Companies: Asia vs Worldwide

Asia Toyota Motors Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest automaker of the world. It is

 lokpath  27 May, 2022

MG ZS EV in Nepal: Everything you need to know.

Kathmandu: History MG is the iconic British automobile brand, renowned for its sporty, exciting and

 lokpath  24 April, 2022

How football’s data boom began after the VHS tapes were…

Kathmandu: Richard Pollard arrived at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji, to work in

 lokpath  25 March, 2022

United States quickly plans their potential responses in case Russia…

Kathmandu- After four days of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, U.S. president Joe Biden’s national

 lokpath  24 March, 2022

Social Media and Journalism: Correlation in the 21st Century

Kathmandu: How social media has changed Journalism over the past years is what will be

 lokpath  9 March, 2022

Has China Won? The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy

Bhoj Kumar Dhamal–Kathmandu: Kishore Mahbubani, a diplomat and scholar, in his book, Has China Won? The

 lokpath  23 December, 2021

Light snowfall forecast

Kathmandu: Weather in the hilly region of the country will remain partly cloudy today due