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 lokpath  10 July, 2022

Sri Lanka’s President Rajapaksa steps down following a day of…

After protesters broke into his official resident and set fire to the prime minister’s residence,

 lokpath  19 June, 2022

The government to assess local economic progress.

Kathmandu: The ‘Local Economic Development Review Procedure, 2022’ was released by the Ministry of Federal

 lokpath  17 June, 2022

Global stock markets are falling as concerns about the economy…

Following big losses in the US and Europe, Asian stocks sank on Friday as concerns

 lokpath  15 June, 2022

People are being encouraged in Pakistan to drink fewer cups of…

People in Pakistan have been urged to cut down on their tea consumption in order

 lokpath  20 April, 2022

The Reserve Bank of Australia is likely to raise its…

Kathmandu: After previously swearing to be “patient” on tightening policy, the Reserve Bank of Australia

 lokpath  20 March, 2022

Economic Crisis hits Sri-lanka; after decades

Currently in Sri Lanka, anti-government have roiled/demanded that the President Gotabaya Rajpaksha to resign as

 lokpath  26 December, 2021

Taliban appoints Abdul Latif Nazari as Deputy Minister of Economy

Kabul: The Taliban on Saturday appointed Abdul Latif Nazari as Deputy Minister of Economy. Nazari