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Economic Crisis hits Sri-lanka; after decades

Published on : 20 March, 2022 4:12 pm

Currently in Sri Lanka, anti-government have roiled/demanded that the President Gotabaya Rajpaksha to resign as the country suffers the worst economic crisis that took place in decades.

Protestors were numbered over tens of thousands of people in form of protestors gathered and surrounded the President’s Office which was stated in Colombo on Tuesday-15th March, 2022. This protest and movement led by the supporters and representative of the opposition party i.e.- The United People’s Force. Opposition leader Sajith Premadas states and addresses the current situation by demonstrating it and declaring it as the starting and the beginning of a new campaign with the motive to replace and remove the currently elected government.

The current government of Srilanka was stated as ‘Evil’ by the representatives of the opposition party and the govt was also blamed for the current negative state and impact on the nation’s economic woes. Protestors accused the current government irresponsible as they were unable to manage the nation’s foreign exchange reserve that caused the crisis and led to the shortage of basic necessities like fuel, cooking LPG gas, milk powder, proper and hygienical food and even basic medicines like cetamol, vitamins. The shortage of fuel not only affected the transportation of the country but also had a negative impact leading to shortage of essential supplies and long-hours daily power cuts.

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