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A new rule prohibits refurbished routers in Nepal.

Published on : 27 July, 2022 4:57 pm

Kathmandu: When a consumer changes service providers, they can keep using the same router, as per the telecom regulator.

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority has implemented a new standardization policy for wireless routers that bars service providers from repairing the devices and reselling them.

A user doesn’t need to purchase a new router if they switch to a different internet service provider because the telecom regulator made routers compatible with all networks.

The router connects a computer to the internet, and service providers currently have dedicated routers that only work with their own network.

The authority’s board adopted the minimum requirement for customer-premises equipment (CPE) device requirements during a meeting that was conducted on July 15.

The new rules came into effect immediately after the board gave its approval.

To safeguard customer rights, the telecom regulator created a wireless router guideline in August. The regulations also cover standards, capacity, and security challenges, according to the regulator.

According to Khanal, industrialized nations have an e-waste policy requiring vendors to pick up the old router when replacing it with a new one.

“We have received complaints that old routers were being repackaged and exported to Nepal.” Khanal says it is prohibited to sell second-hand routers in the country.

According to the authority, there are 78 registered internet service providers in the nation.

According to internet service providers, customers are to blame for 60% of the problems with connection speeds. They include inadequate bandwidth purchased by the clients, excessive simultaneous internet users from a single connection, and the distance between the router and the device.

Another 20% of the complaints, according to internet service providers, are related to router problems including poor device quality.

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