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Action is being demanded against authorities who have made voting difficult for people with impairments.

Published on : 15 May, 2022 1:47 am

Kathmandu: The rights advocates stated in a press release on Saturday that scenes from the Adarsha Secondary School polling station in Ward 20 of Ranjha in Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City, Banke, where impaired individuals had to drag themselves to the voting booth because authorities did not allow wheelchairs, were shown. The incident, according to rights bodies, was not only immoral but also punishable.

A total of 21 individuals with impairments from throughout the country have opposed the compromise of disabled people’s voting rights in the local elections held in the 13th May.

They claim that the authorities in charge of making voting accessible to people with disabilities have created a hostile environment and deprived people with disabilities in other regions of the country of their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.

Advocates claim that denying impaired people the right to vote has legal implications.

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