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Kathmandu metropolis allocates Rs 2.15 billion for pedestrian-friendly pavements

Published on : 8 October, 2023 9:42 pm

Allocating Rs 2.15 billion, the Kathmandu metropolitan city is investing in creating pedestrian-friendly pavements.

The pavements of all 32 wards will be improved, says the metropolis. Additionally, the metropolis has already entered into an agreement for the enhancement of some pavements in the city.

Coloured blocks are being used on all pavements across the city, while granite is being specifically used for pavements in the Durbarmarg area.

The metropolis has announced plans to designate a cycle lane from Maitighar Mandala to Tinkune. To facilitate this, the pavement is undergoing a redesign, incurring a cost of Rs 180 million.

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