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Israeli NGO- “Heroes for Life” on a two-week volunteer mission in Nepal

Published on : 6 October, 2023 5:14 pm

Israeli NGO- “Heroes for Life”, embarks on a two-week mission (1-14 Oct) in Nepal, volunteering in five different schools in Kathmandu valley. A delegation of 34 dedicated Israeli Volunteers focuses on Infrastructure and Education in these schools. Each year the delegation returns to the same schools maintaining continuity in their work and ensuring a lasting impact.

As per the Press Release issued by the Emnbassy of Isarel – This collaborative effort does not only address educational goals but also foster people-to-people connection between Nepalese and Israelis. The enduring friendship between Nepal and Israel is showcased once again through “Heroes for Life”; this volunteering activity is one part of many other projects made during 63 years of relations between Nepal and Israel. 

A reception was held at Ambassador’s residence in honor of volunteers and partner institutions.  H.E. Ambassador Goder expressed pride in the openhearted approach of the volunteers, schools and collaborating organizations helping to facilitate this process.  He further said that this positive trend would continue in the years to come. During the event, the participants also shared the Israeli tradition of “Sukkot,” an Israeli festival marked at this time of the year.

Heroes for Life operates in 17 countries around the world and started volunteering since 2017 in Nepal.

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