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Police arrest 9 on charges of printing fake currency

Published on : 11 August, 2023 10:22 pm

Police have confiscated fake currency worth Rs 1.5 million from Bhaktapur.

A team of police officials from Thankot and Changunarayan confiscated the fake currency from the home of Arjun Subedi on Thursday night.

Police said nine people have been arrested so far. The group of people were printing money at Subedi’s home.

Along with the fake currency, police have also confiscated a colour printer, a computer, 12 mobile phones and four scooters.

Those arrested along with Subedi are Milan Bhandari, Shiva Bhandari, Sri Krishna Bhandari, Sushil Karki, Parwati Nepali, Sagar Acharya, Arun Budha and Yuvaraj Rai.

Investigations are ongoing.

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