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Music video for Umesh Raut’s ‘Yatra’ out now

Published on : 23 April, 2023 4:42 pm

Kathmandu : The music video to Umesh Raut’s brand-new song ‘Yatra’ has recently been released to the public. The lyrics to the song are by Laxmi Thapa, and the music is by Laboni Pramod. The music video to the song was just released last Saturday. The core of the song is an incomplete love story that was fated to end before it could begin.

The central figure of the song laments about being parted from his lover. He sings about how all of the dreams he dreamt now feel hollow without his love by his side. In the song, the central character expresses how he his life would have taken a drastically different path if his lover hadn’t abandoned him. The song speaks about heartbreak and how devastating it can be when you lose the one closest to your heart. The singer Umesh Raut is featured in the music video, as well as the song’s composer Laxmi Thapa. The song has a blend of sweet lyrics and music, along with singer Umesh Raut’s mesmerizing performance. The song is a beautiful medley of classical influences with a modern touch, which has caused it to gather praises from many music enthusiasts.

The musical arrangement is done by renowned musician and guitarist Sachin Singh, and the recording was done at Acoustic Nepal Recording Studio. The recording of the song was done by Dil Saki, while Prakash Mishra mixed and mastered the composition. The videography was done by Dipesh Giri. The music video for ‘Yatra’ can be viewed and listened to on Umesh Raut’s YouTube channel and various other digital platforms.

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