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Kathmandu Valley reports coldest day of year so far

Published on : 27 December, 2022 5:44 pm

Kathmandu : Temperature across the country including the Kathmandu Valley continues to plummet as the winter is taking its peak. Today, the minimum temperature in the Kathmandu Valley dropped to 3.8 degrees Celsius and this is the lowest temperature the Valley recorded so far this year.

On Friday, it was 5.5 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature was measured at 18.5 degrees Celsius.
According to meteorologist Binu Maharjan, minimum temperature continues to drop gradually for the past few days and the maximum is now on the same trend.

The Meteorological Forecasting Division said with the temperature gradually falling across the country, some parts in the Terai region are likely to see fog and mist since the morning. Such development is likely to affect the daily life there, causing general implications on road and air transport. The Division has urged one and all to take precautions against the increasing cold.

Today, Jumla reported the lowest -6.5 degrees Celsius while Janakpur recorded the highest 36.4 degrees Celsius across the country.

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