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Masters in Media Studies course to begin at Kathmandu University

Published on : 5 August, 2022 4:25 pm

Kathmandu: Beginning with the current academic year, Kathmandu University (KU) will offer a master’s program in media studies.

The School of Arts’ Department of Languages and Mass Communication would provide the Masters in Media Studies at Kathmandu University.

The Masters in Media Studies program, which will include media entrepreneurship, management, and associated elements, has opened admission, according to Dr. Sudhamshu Dahal, head of the department of languages and mass communication. This program would have a total of 20 students enrolled, and it would reportedly also teach on film-making, technology, and cultural issues.

Dr. Nirmal Mani Adhikari, an associate professor at KU, stated that in addition to theoretical understanding and technical abilities, one-fourth of the course would be based on research projects.

Around 400,000 rupees is thought to be the program’s overall cost, and 20% of all students would receive scholarships, according to Dr. Dahal.

Since 2006, the KU has been offering a bachelor’s degree program in media studies.

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