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In Jumla, shepherds discover Akashe Taal.

Published on : 27 July, 2022 4:38 pm

Shepherds have recently discovered Akashe Taal (Sky Lake) at Guthichaur Rural Municipality-1 in Jumla.

They discovered the lake at an altitude of 4,700 metres which is one-and-a-half day walk from ward 1, Manisanghu.

Before seven years as well, shepherds had discovered the Hiulsa Lake situated at an altitude of 4,300 metres and another Dudh Kundali lake at 4,000 metres.

A team led by ward chairperson had recently returned home after observing all the high-altitude lakes.

“Yak shepherds had hardly reached the area”, ward chairperson Arjun Kumar Mahatara said, adding, “They detected the lake while searching for the missing yaks”.

Sange Gurung, a local, said the shepherds reached the lake in search of their yaks. “It was not easy to reach the lake so its importance remained unexplored”, he shared.

According to Gurung, the sky lake is known as ‘Mhangwa Yunzo’ in Tibetan language. The lake is called Sky Lake because of its identical colour.

The sky Lake is located in the lap of the Dudh Kundali Mountain. Likewise, the lake has black rock in its downstream and is surrounded by green trees.

Mahatara said the lake has higher potentials to attract domestic and external tourists in future.

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