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Australia to help Nepal in its fight against human trafficking and modern slavery.

Published on : 22 July, 2022 4:33 pm

Kathmandu: Australian Ambassador to Nepal Felicity Volk has said that as no government and no nation can meet the challenge of human trafficking and slavery alone, everyone has to assume responsibility and every nation must take action to end the barbaric act.

She declared that human trafficking and slavery are inhumane while announcing further Australian aid to assist Nepal’s efforts to eliminate the practice. It is evil, and a civilized world cannot tolerate it.

She was addressing a consultation on “the Status of the Palermo Protocol after its Ratification” that was held this evening in this location and was organized by The Asian Foundation and the Forum for Women Law and Development.

Also speaking at the programme, Chairperson of the Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Federal Parliament Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel said concerned authorities must ensure their duty to implement the Protocol and the commitment made in the international forum.

Following a directive from the Committee an action plan for the implementation of the Protocol has been developed by the Home Ministry, which should now work as foundation for implementation of the protocol. Nepal ratified the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons especially Women and Children (2000) in 2020.

Founder Chairperson of Shakti Samuha Charimaya Tamang called for amendment of laws and formulation of necessary laws as per the protocol, victim-centric approach while dealing with survivors, procedure on rescue and repatriation and bilateral agreements between governments and coordination between concerned authorities.

Under-secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs Basant Bhattarai and Head of Human Trafficking and Transportation Control Section at the Ministry of Women Children and Senior Citizen Meena Poudel shed light on the efforts taken by their respective ministries in controlling and preventing human trafficking and transportation.

According to FWLD Executive Director Sabin Shrestha, the FWLD will work on the implementation of the Palermo Protocol and strengthening of legislation with assistance from Australian Aid and the Asia Foundation.

The FWLD will also seek to strengthen the ability of the relevant authorities and develop the required provincial laws.

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