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Weston Company of Malaysia to recruit Nepalese employees without any investment.

Published on : 6 July, 2022 4:07 pm

Kathmandu: A Malaysian Information Technology (IT) company is prepared to hire Nepali employees without incurring any costs.

Weston Technology from Malaysia and the Nepali manpower firms Akarshan International and Laldhanush International signed a bilateral agreement today at a program held in the capital.

Deputy General Manager of Weston Technology David, Chairperson of Akarshan International Bishnu Bahadur KC, and Chairperson of Laldhanush International Dawa Nawang Sherpa signed a document to that effect.

The deal allows Nepali laborers to enter Malaysia via the two personnel companies with no financial outlay. In the initial stage, the Malaysia-based company would hire 450 people. Akarshan International is sending 140 women and 60 men to Malaysia, while Laldhanush International is sending 175 women and 75 men.

The company that is attempting to migrate Nepali workers to Malaysia has sent a senior management team to Kathmandu. Wednesday and Thursday have been designated as the days for the worker selection interviews.

According to Weston Technology Deputy General Manager David, the company would pay for all expenses associated with moving a select group of Nepali workers to Malaysia.

He added that there would be no pay or opportunity discrimination between Malaysian and Nepali workers and that “We are sensitive to the safety and health needs of workers.”

Several nations, including China, India, Taiwan, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and the Philippines, are linked to the company’s various industries.

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