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The draft of the SPP has been brought to the attention of the House of Representatives.

Published on : 16 June, 2022 4:14 pm

Kathmandu: The CPN (UML), Nepal’s main opposition party, has called the government’s attention to a draft of the US’ State Partnership Program (SPP), which Nepal is expected to sign.

The Nepal government’s consideration of signing the SPP, according to UML legislator Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, will spur geopolitical conflict in the nation.

Gyawali, who is also a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, urged that the administration clarify the draft of the SPP that was made public during Wednesday’s House of Representatives (HoR) meeting.

He argued that Nepal should not conduct or be involved in any activities that would breach the independent and balanced foreign policy of Nepal.

The leader reminded that the previous government had taken forward the agreement’s draft following the correspondence with the USA in 2015.

Similarly, Gyawali believed it was impossible for the Nepali Army to participate in peacekeeping missions based on the strategies of any one country unless the United Nations called it.

He also emphasized the need of preventing from any actions that would have an impact on the country’s foreign policy and relations with other countries.

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