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The Ministry of Health has yet to notify agencies about monkeypox.

Published on : 24 May, 2022 1:40 pm

Kathmandu: Experts have warned against complacency during the Covid outbreak, stating that the disease might strike Nepal at any time.

Around 15 countries that are not prevalent to the monkeypox virus have reported cases of the virus infection.

Major portion of monkeypox cases have been documented in Europe and North America, where people frequently travel to Nepal.

Because of Nepal’s high mobility, public health professionals have emphasized the importance of safeguards, stating that any disease observed elsewhere in the globe has the potential to spread to Nepal.

However, the relevant authorities have yet to take the matter seriously.

“We have not gotten any guidance from any agency concerning the possibility of monkeypox infection,” a health worker at the Tribhuvan International Airport’s health desk told the Post, requesting anonymity. “We’ve merely checked everyone’s Covid-19 vaccine cards, proof of yellow fever vaccination for those returning from Africa, and proof of polio vaccination for those returning from Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Officials from the Ministry of Health and Population admit that no agency has been notified about the possibility of monkeypox virus infection in the country so far.

“We are in frequent contact with World Health Organization agencies but have not received any directives,” said Dr. Samir Kumar Adhikari, the Health Ministry’s joint spokeswoman. “We will notify our health agencies if we receive any instructions from the UN health organization.”

Health personnel, according to doctors, should be specially trained on the hazards, symptoms, and treatment methods, among other things. If the country is short on testing reagents, this should be addressed.

The monkeypox virus causes fever, headaches, swelling, bodily pains, tiredness, and an itchy rash on the face, hands, and feet. Monkeypox virus infection can kill up to one out of every ten people.

Doctors argue that while the disease spreads through direct touch, it can be contained by self-isolation and excellent cleanliness.

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