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Kathmandu Metropolis votes to be counted at Rastriya Sabha Griha

Published on : 12 May, 2022 10:21 pm

The counting of votes of Kathmandu Metropolis will be held in Rastriya Sabha Griha. Likewise, in other municipalities of Kathmandu, the counting will be done in the office of the Election Officer, as per stated by Nepal Election Commission.

The ballot boxes will be brought to Rastriya Sabha Griha after the voting process in Kathmandu Metropolis is over  and an all-party meeting will be held after all the ballot boxes arrive and votes of 5 wards at a time will be counted.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has placed a digital board at the entrance to make public the results of the counting of votes. Similarly, arrangements have been made for live broadcasting on social media to facilitate the reporting for mass media personnel.

Considering the security sensitivity, the polling stations of all the municipalities in Kathmandu have been cordoned off.

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