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In less than a week, three US sailors from aircraft carrier have been discovered dead.

Published on : 21 April, 2022 4:51 pm

Kathmandu: Three sailors from the USS George Washington aircraft carrier were found dead in less than a week, according to the Navy, and the deaths are being investigated by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and local police. Last Friday, one sailor was discovered unconscious on board the carrier, while two other men were discovered off base on April 9 and 10.

The Navy could not specify the reason of the death, although the ship did bring a Special Psychiatric Rapid Intervention Team on board. After a traumatic incident, such as a death, these teams are designed to give short-term mental health support.

Retail Services Specialist 3rd Class Mikail Sharp was confirmed by the Navy as the sailor who deceased on April 9. Interior Communications Electrician 3rd Class Natasha Huffman was recognized by the Navy as the sailor who passed on April 10.

The USS George Washington is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the Nimitz class. It is now undergoing a refueling and complicated overhaul in Newport News, Virginia, which is a one-time process to replace the ship’s nuclear fuel and prepare the ship for future operations. Since August 2017, the ship has been stationed at Newport News.

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