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Martyr’s Memorial ‘B’ Division League

Published on : 31 March, 2022 3:30 pm

Kathmandu: As more than half the fixtures being played, the Martyr’s Memorial B division League is heading towards it end. This means the battle for relegation zone and the league title along with the runner-up spot is heating up with all the teams fighting for the spot.

Two teams; the league title winner and the runner up with be receiving prize money along with the place for the country’s top-tier division. Whereas, the bottom two teams will be relegated to division C. The battle to remain on the division is heating up with all the 14 participating teams giving their best on the field for the prize money and the self-esteem to remain on the same tier.

Half of the participating teams are remained with only 3 fixtures to play, with the remaining teams having an extra game in hand. As we head towards the end, pressure on all clubs remain constant, if not increasing. How the league will be turning up with the increasing pressure is what we will have to wait and witness.

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