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Viral: 7-year-old Ukrainian girl singing in Bomb shelters

Published on : 23 March, 2022 2:13 pm

Kathmandu: Amelia Anisovych, Ukrainian 7-year-old girl went viral after the video of her singing in Bomb shelters, performing at charity concert in Poland was published.

Music is the key to the power of healing and bridging all differences as well. A little Ukrainian girl who sang in the bomb shelter went viral in the war-torn country.

Chaotic scenes and atmosphere as the Russians forces bombed many places and different towns of Ukraine. The significance of music became symbol of resistance amid all the mayhem. Amid that mayhem the 7-year-old, Amelia Anisovych led many people across the globe teary-eyed when she sang “Let it go”.

Weeks after the first video that went viral, the seven-year-old girl is back again wowing and taking over the internet when she sang her national anthem at the Atlas Arena, Lords in Poland with her national Ukrainian attire. Her voice, along with the traditional clothes of Ukraine, she melted the heart of many audiences-which was a charity concert “Together with Ukraine”. The crowd reacted and applauded the wonderful presentation of a seven-year-old girl.

She also sang a Disney hit film song Frozen, which caught the eye of Idina Menzel, the voice behind the iconic song. The charity concert “Together with Ukraine” event raised the fund of more than $380,000, which was reported by the CBS news. The funding was raised in order to support PAH (Polish Humanitarian Action) that provides aids to victims displaced by the invation of Russia.

The report also added that the little 7 year-old-girl had fled to Poland, to her grandmother but her parents are still in Kyiv. She was also hailed as the “Beacon of Hope”. However, disputes were emerged as some people find it safe that she lives in Poland, but some believe she better stayed with her parents in Kyiv, Ukraine.            

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