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Dhulikhel Jatra 2078

Published on : 20 March, 2022 11:50 am

Every year Dhulikhel, celebrates the Nawadurga Puja- which is also known as the festival of 9 Durgas(Nawadurga). It is a traditionally based culture and festival celebrated through masked dance representing various Gods and goddesses . Masked representation of different demonic masks are known as the manifestation of Parvati. The uniqueness of the Nawadurga tradition is; the use of the masks and its social mobility. Candidates chosen behind wearing the Holy mask is also believed that the Gods who are represented come to manifest themselves in the body of the human wearing the mask and the traditional attire.

It is celebrated for 2 days continuously and the locals of Dhulikhel as well as other locals from Kavre district. People from other districts also attend the Nawadurga Jatra with social gatherings celebrated by drinking alcohol and eating other Newari food delicacies. Every year at the time of Jatra people from Dhulikhel who reside in kathmandu takes 2 days leave in order to celebrate the biggest festival compared to Dashain for the locals of Dhulikhel.

Dhulikhel is geographically beautiful as it is surrounded by hills and greenery and with the influence of western-culture traditions; locals of Dhulikhel celebrate the festival the traditional way keeping the culture alive.

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