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Baglung decides to seek role of province governments in border dispute with Rukum East

Published on : 30 December, 2021 2:42 pm

Balewa: The border dispute between Baglung and East Rukum has remained unresolved to date and the help from the province governments has been sought to deal with the issue.

Several rounds of district-level talks and discussions were held in a bid to sort out the issue, but to no avail. The District Coordination Committee, Baglung said it has been decided to request the Province Government of both districts for mediation on the matter as frequent dialogues between people’s representatives, administrative teams and technical teams of two districts held time and again failed to yield results. Committee chief Rajendra Dhungana said the fifth district assembly has decided to write to the Gandaki and Lumbini Province Governments for their intervention in finding a solution to the matter. Baglung and Rukum have a border dispute at Patihalne, a touristic site.

As Dhungana said, they agreed to give up eight to ten meters of land from Baglung side, but the neighbor did not seem flexible on its side. It is said technicians from a survey office in both districts had carried out an independent survey of the disputed area. The disputed area lies along the Nishikhola of Baglung and Bhume rural municipality in East Rukum.

Area towards Baglung is slightly plain while area towards East Rukum is slightly slanting. The districts have a dispute over the ownership of Righ Pond as well. The dispute about Patihalne reached the climax following the construction of the Mid Hill Highway.

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