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Migrant workers’ worry over wage in COVID-19 pandemic

Published on : 28 December, 2021 2:29 pm

Kathmandu: The Nepali migrant workers have faced problems of wages during COVID-19.

It was informed at a Bagmati Province-level conference on migrant workers’ problems organized in the federal capital on Monday. Dipak Acharya working for the rights of migrant workers viewed Nepali workers were facing numerous problems including wage. Proper address to this problem is needed, he stressed. He informed that the Nepali migrant workers were suffering at multiple stages like during time to return home and time to receive remuneration.

Similarly, many workers are unable to fly abroad for lack of money despite having willingness to foreign job while some are bound to wait for five to six months to get turn to return home. Various organizations are working for the welfare of Nepali migrant workers.

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