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Tiger count concludes in first block

Published on : 27 December, 2021 4:53 pm

Chitwan: Tiger census has come to a conclusion in the first block of Chitwan National Park and Parsa National Park complex.

As part of the National Tiger Census 2078 BS, the count was undertaken in Triveni, Chormara, Nawalpur, Kasara, Sauraha and Barandabhar region under the first block. The count was carried out by setting up camera in different areas. CNP’s chief conservation officer Haribhadra Acharya shared that the cameras set up for census have been removed with the conclusion of the task. “The task of removing cameras installed to carry out first block census has been over. Now cameras have been set up for census in second block. It would be undertaken during the day today”, he shared.

As many as 100 enumerators were mobilized for the census in the first block. Camps were established in different 13 regions for census in the first block, he informed, adding 6-8 enumerators and technicians were mobilized in each camp. Acharya further shared that the census would be undertaken in the eastern part of Sauraha to eastern Chitwan, eastern part of Madi and Thori to Sikaribas under the second block. The block would be divided into 290 grids for carrying out the census. As many as 580 automated cameras would be used here for the purpose.

The CNP is using the method of camera trapping for the census this year. Assistant Conservation Officer and Information Officer at CNP, Ganesh Prasad Tiwari said the camps have been set up in the proximity of Nepal Army battalion which is entrusted with the responsibility for looking after national park security. High alert security measures have been adopted to avoid any untoward accident in course of the census, he shared. The census would be undertaken tentatively in 22 days in the second block as well, he informed. Once the census is completed in second block, it would be initiated in the third block, he further shared.

Cameras would be installed in remaining parts of Parsa and the forest area up to Rautahat. The same human resource would be mobilized for the census in third block as well. It would take at least three months to complete tiger census at CNP and Parsa National Park complex. Information Officer Tiwari informed that equipment including camera trap, range finder, GPS and record firm would be used for census.

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