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19 rhinos dead in first six months of current fiscal year

Published on : 24 December, 2021 2:08 pm

Chitwan: A total of 19 rhinos died in the last six months in Chitwan National Park, officials confirmed.

Of the dead, two rhinos died at the hands of smugglers while 17 other died of different causes. Chief Conservation Officer Hari Bhadra Acharya said that six rhinos died in the month of Sawan, two in Bhadra, one in Asoj, three in Kartik, five in Mangsir and two in Paush. It is said that five rhinos died due to old age and five deaths were caused by languishing.

Likewise, two deaths were caused by drowning, four by battles and next one died in the tiger attack. In the fiscal year 2075/076, altogether 43 one-horned rhinos died, the National Park Office said. Likewise, 26 rhinos died in 2076/077 and 33 died in the last fiscal year. As per the rhino census, Chitwan National Park is a home to 694 rhinos out of country’s total 752 rhinos.

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