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Humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is grave, issues with providing aid remain: Russian diplomat

Published on : 23 December, 2021 4:49 pm

Moscow: The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is still quite serious, there are problems with the provision of financial assistance according to the Commissioner for Human Rights at the Russian foreign ministry Grigory Lukyantsev, local media reported. “It is hard to say (how the situation in Afghanistan will develop). Everyone is looking at the actions of the new authorities in Afghanistan, they are in no hurry with their official international recognition.

But it is quite obvious that the humanitarian situation there is quite serious and there were problems with the provision of financial assistance and economic assistance. Problems persist,” Sputnik quoting Lukyantsev reported. The Commissioner for Human Rights also said that the western countries should bear responsibility for destabilizing the situation in the Middle East and North Africa by accepting refugees, Sputnik reported. “We must not forget about the root causes of this [migration] crisis, why all this has emerged.

And the root cause of all this is interference in the relevant processes in the Middle East and North Africa, the destabilization of the political situation, the political regime, interference in internal affairs, and the destabilization of the region,” Lukyantsev said.

As a result, this led to the emergence of migration flows, as these people strive for getting to those countries that had a hand in destabilizing the situation, the diplomat added. “Therefore, when there are certain calls for sharing the ‘burden,’ the division of responsibility, those who created this situation should, first of all, be responsible for resolving this problem,” he said, as per Sputnik. (ANI)

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