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Bibeksheel Sajha Party to organize ‘Mahakali-Mechi National Unity Tour’

Published on : 22 December, 2021 2:45 pm

Kathmandu: The Bibeksheel Sajha Party is going to organize ‘Mahakali-Mechi National Unity Tour’ on January 11, 2022, marking the birth anniversary of Prithvi Narayan Shah and the National Unity Day.

Shah (1723–1775), the king of Gorkha principality, is the founder of modern Nepal as it was under his initiative that Nepal was united. The tour will be commenced from Kanchanpur and ended in Jhapa on January 30, marking martyrs day, according to party spokesperson Sharadraj Pathak. The meeting of the Bibeksheel Sajha on Tuesday decided on the same, informed Pathak.

The tour aims to inspire the patriotic sentiments in the citizens irrespective of ideological differences. Also, the party leadership aims to sensitize about the party’s agenda among the general public and to further strengthen the tie between the public and the party. Bibeksheel Sajha’s chairperson Rabindra Mishra argued that we could not expect good-governance in the country until politicians would put country first.

He also expressed his concern over the eroding national dignity since, he viewed, that the politicians were prioritizing their personal interests rather than working in the best interest of the country. According to him, there was not better day than the National Unity Day to promote the patriotic feelings.

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