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‘Consent of ruling alliance necessary to proceed towards MCC’

Published on : 19 December, 2021 3:45 pm

Nepali Congress (NC) joint general secretary Jeevan Pariyar has said the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) would be endorsed from the Parliament only after parties in the ruling alliance agreed for the same.

In a press meet organised by the Nepal Press Union at Pokhara today, he was asked whether the major ruling partner NC was planning to table the 500 million USD assistance compact MCC in the upcoming parliament session. In response, he said, “The NC wants to be sure that the political alliance was positive over the document before presenting it to the House.” “If there are any provisions not in the interest of the country, the revision is needed and the NC is committed to omitting any unwanted provisions in the MCC. The party will proceed towards the endorsement of the document only after being assured of its passage by the parliament.”

He utilised the forum to say that the NC recently elected the leadership from the ward to the central level through elections as it believed in democracy and democratic practices. He insisted on ideological discussions within the party, adding that clarity of party principles was required to move the party ahead with a right vision.

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