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Budhha Air plane makes emergency landing due to technical error

Published on : 16 December, 2021 4:19 pm

An aircraft of the Budhha Air made an emergency landing in Bharatpur today. The Beechcraft plane that took off from Bharatpur Airport was landed back at the airport following a technical issue.

According to Civil Aviation Authority’s Bharatpur information officer Deepak BK, the aircraft took off from the runway at 1:16 pm today and the Captain reported the problem immediately after it took to the air. All passengers made their exits safely from the plane following the emergency landing. Eighteen passengers and the crew members were boarded on the aircraft.

District Police Office, Chitwan Chief Superintendent of Police Om Prakash Adhikari confirmed that all the passengers and the crew members are safe. The flight schedule here has been affected due to this.

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