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Human encroachment pushes aquatic life towards danger

Published on : 12 December, 2021 2:02 pm

Increasing environmental pollution and human encroachment have posed a threat to the existence of aquatic life in Myagdi.

Environment conservationists have said that encroachment on natural water resources, dumping of waste in rivers and streams, and natural disasters (floods and landslides) primarily since the past five years have caused harm to aquatic animals and destroyed the system of biological diversities.

The existence of water animals in Kaligandaki River has come under threat as the under-construction hydropower project at Narchayang of Annapurna rural municipality-4 has its implication in the aquatic environment mainly from Narchyang to the district headquarters Beni. Narchyang is taken as the highly suitable zone as the habitat of marine species and wild life. Lately, rivers and streams here are facing rampant encroachment in the name of hydropower development.

Presently, five hydropower projects are under construction at Narchyang as environment conservationists said, the incidences of natural disasters and haphazard quarrying are among those prime factors pushing the life under water towards the risk of extinction. According to environment conservationist Shreeram Sigdel, landslides and floods at Myagdi, Kaligandaki and Raghughanga areas have jeopardised the entire aquatic system here. The floods in the river not only do cause the shortage of food for aquatic life but also hampered their adaptation capacity.

Poaching has increased in three watershed areas here. The use of heavy machinery like bull-dozer and excavators for quarrying has aggravated the problem, it is said.

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