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Namobuddha concludes 502 projects in a year

Published on : 10 December, 2021 1:29 pm

The Namobuddha municipality in Kavrepalanchowk district executed 502 projects in a year.

A total of 599 projects and programmes were set for the fiscal year 2077-78 BS (2020-21), and of them, 83.80 percent were concluded. The local government unveiled details of works it performed during the given time by organising an annual review meeting here recently. Chief Administrative Officer Rajan Poudel, 84.69 percent of budget were spend last fiscal year. The size of the budget for the given time was Rs 743.01 million and RS 629.04 million was spent. Towards the current expenditure, Rs 361.02 million out of Rs 407.09 million was spent and towards capital expenditure Rs 268.04 million out of Rs 335.02 million was spend and the total expenditure was over 80 percent.

According to Poudel, they faced issues in the smooth implementation of the approved projects due to COVID-19 crisis. At the ward –level, 224 out of 270 were executed and the work progress was 82.96 percent. One ward out of 11 in the municipality reported the hundred percent execution of the projects. The ward no 4 had concluded all 24 projects allocated to it.

Meanwhile, the revenue collection by the local government in the given time was less than of the target. Rs 60 million was expected to be collected, but the collection was Rs 41.42 million. Mayor TP Sharma Timilsina said the revenue collection failed to meet the target due to the tax concessions in some sectors bearing in mind the impact of COVID-19 crisis.

The local government has described its response to the pandemics and measures taken for its containments as its achievements.

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