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HURPES launches nationwide campaign, demanding clean judiciary

Published on : 10 December, 2021 3:57 pm

The Human Rights and Peace Society (HURPES), Kathmandu chapter has from today launched a nationwide campaign, calling for upholding the judiciary’s integrity.

The campaign was launched on the occasion of the World Human Rights Day today. A peaceful demonstration and a sit-in protest were carried out at the Boudha Chaitya Area, the world heritage site.

Similarly, Society’s 15 district chapters today held sit-in protests, demanding a clean judiciary. Society former chairperson and advocate Hom Kanta Chaulagai, former chairperson Uttam Pudasaini, chairperson Govinda Khanal, general secretary Ram Krishna Baral, Kathmandu chapter acting chairperson Bhagawan Pudasaini have urged political parties for the solidarity with the campaign.

“Justice has not been served to the people in absence of clean judiciary”, the Society said, adding that the protection and promotion of human rights would not be possible until judiciary became clean and transparent. As it said, the campaign will be launched nationwide.

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