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Six construction companies blacklisted

Published on : 9 December, 2021 1:40 pm

The government has blacklisted six construction companies from one to three years for not meeting the deadlines to construct projects as per agreements.

A meeting of the Public Procurement Monitoring Office on Wednesday took a decision to this effect. According to a notice issued by the Office today, the construction companies that have been blacklisted include Nilgiri Construction Service, Elite Construction Company, Chyangrasi Construction Service and SSM Construction Pvt. Ltd., all based in Kathmandu, and Banke-based Tridev Construction Company and SNC Construction Pvt. Ltd.

The blacklisting was in line with Clause 63 (1) of the Public Procurement Act, 2063. Nilgiri Construction Service has been blacklisted for three years at the recommendation of the Road Division Office, Lahan. Similarly, Elite Construction Company and Chyangrasi Construction Service have faced action for two years each at the recommendation of Chandranagar Rural Municipality in Sarlahi district and Tarakeshwor Municipality in Kathmandu respectively. SSM Construction Pvt. Ltd., Tridev Construction Service and SNC Construction Service Pvt. Ltd. have been boycotted for one year each.

The blacklisted companies are barred from taking part in any construction work belonging to government projects during the period for which they have been boycotted. This decision would be effective from today. However, projects that have been agreed upon before the blacklisting will continue, said the Office Incharge.

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