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Excessive bleeding claims life of a new mother

Published on : 8 December, 2021 2:20 pm

A new mother lost her life untimely due to postpartum bleeding at Himali rural municipality in the district. Ganga Chadar, 21, of Himali-4, Tithichaur died on Tuesday after excessive bleeding.

According to Rural Municipality Health Section Chief Premkala Malla, Chadar died after she gave birth to a child. Chadar’s husband Bine said, “Ganga had collected and brought grass from forest in the same morning. After some moment she complained of stomach paining. She delivered a child after a while but it was dead”.

She delivered the child in seven months of her pregnancy and tested embryo thrice in the health post, shared the health section. Ganga who delivered the child at home was taken to shaman after excessive bleeding, it is shared.

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