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High alert against Omicron adopted at bordering areas of Rupandehi

Published on : 7 December, 2021 3:59 pm

High alert has been adopted at bordering areas of Rupandehi to stem the infection of ‘omicron’, a new variant of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

A meeting of the District COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee held under the chairmanship of Chief District Officer, Rishiram Tiwari, took the decision to this effect, said Assistant Chief District Officer, Bishwo Raj Marasini.

He added that a circular has been sent to the concerned local levels to adopt high vigilance at different bordering areas including at the Belahiya border point.

The local levels have been asked to keep foreign nationals under surveillance as well as to pay attention on spreading awareness on this issue.

Tourists from different countries including India, Australia, Netherlands and China enter Nepal via Behaliya check point.

Chief of Health Office, Rajendra Giri, shared that they have directed to make the use of mask and sanitizer strict at bordering areas, to monitor whether or not they have got full dose of vaccine against COVID-19 and to perform rapid test if there is doubt.

The World Health Organisation has categorized Omicron in the list of ‘variant of concern’.

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