Monday 19th February 2024

“Nostalgia for nothing “

Published on : 9 September, 2021 2:41 pm

Nostalgic, Neither for loss nor for the desire to gain

But  just to feel the same season

When we were once  together

In the  June of our union

Just to get that day and eco of your voice:

“I am in you and you in me”


 Don’t say again and again I am mistaken

 Inwardly fragmented or severely broken.

For you, now,

 I might be ignorant

A crazy, an insane and master of fool

 Trying to bring happiness being bamboozled

But look at my soul

Still striving and waiting for you

With a hope of becoming whole

 Well, you may declare it nothing

Me, a mass of illusion and feeding on delusion

An inhabitant of seclusion.

 Happily, I accede all your blame

But let me live in nostalgia in your name

Call my existence full of absurdity

But let me relish the sweetness of its acerbity

Happily you change day by day

But let me think of you and be gay .

“Inferno in me “

Day to day , I lost my conscience

Morality and addicted to lust

It’s illogically logical that I am vanquished in enigma of life .

What to decipher n how to commemorate

It’s really time to extinguish

The flame lit in my mentality .

The very rush to purgatory

To cleanse my sin

Abode of virtues turned into inferno

No faith n ray of hope

To be idealistic n protocol .

Being fatalistic , fatally preyed to be unfortunate

Habit of creating marginalization or to subjugate .

Nostalgia comes for nothing , though

Trying to be poetic

Bitter reality pinches n life becomes pathetic .

U know I am hilarious , weird n distinct

Curse on me as I owe emotions extinct .

Worth for nothing , seem very trivial

Lost , lost n just lust

Memento make me foil

In me Collections of unquenchable

Thirst thirst n thirst .

“Keepsake or trifles “

I handed over my heart to u

By n by u kept it aside .

It was still pounding 4 u

Whereas u denied imperceptibly .

Trust n faith go side by side

I am sure it will be extra New Years ride .

Mocking at me n u don’t know my acumen

After all u r also among those feministic women.

I couldn’t handle the thing I posses

Keepsake or trifles , life isn’t only bed of roses.

New enthusiasm , new determination n synergy

Love chaos or puppetry , should not have hectic allergy .

Still awaiting to stand among d crowd

I am sure this year will make me proud .

The more I become firmed , the more I become chauvinistic

Teach me , oh almighty ! Have to be superficial or realistic .

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