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Janakpur-Jayanagar railway track speed to be tested

Published on : 18 July, 2021 7:29 pm

A speed test is being carried out today of the Janakpur-Jayanagar railway track. The railway track speed testing and certification is being carried out as part of preparations to run the railway services, said its general manager Guru Bhattarai.

The track speed test is being carried out by the Diesel Locomotive Rail of India’s east-centre railway. Track speed testing is an important process prior to the regular operation of the railway service. And since the speed of the railway will be 120 km per hour, security on the railway track will be important, Bhattarai said.

As a result, sufficient number of police personnel and employees will be mobilized for the testing today. A request has also been made to the general public to maintain distance from the railway track, and not leave cattle astray and stop children from wandering around.
In case of no problem found in course of the testing from Jayanagar to Janakpur and back, the Indian railway company will hand over a certificate to the Nepal Railways Company Limited. This will then pave the way for the official opening of the service, after other requirements are fulfilled.

Two rails purchased by the government at the cost of Rs. 846.5 million from India in a government-to-government process had arrived in Janakpur station in October last year. However, it is yet to come into operation and remains idle in the Inarwa station of Janakpur.

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