Friday 23rd February 2024

Development of physical infrastructure imperative for prosperity: Energy Minister Bhusal

Published on : 18 July, 2021 11:13 pm

The government has accorded the highest priority to the development of physical infrastructure to attain economic prosperity.
At the 59th Engineers’ Day today, Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Pampha Bhusal argued that the country could not attain prosperity without development of physical prosperity.
Calling for unity among all Nepalis for journey towards prosperity, Minister Bhusal underscored the optimisation of science and technology to build roads, develop factories and hydropower projects.
Bhusal was of the belief that the Engineers’ Day would bring together all the engineers across the country and help enabling environment of unity, goodwill and cooperation.
The newly-appointed Minister opined that we could not achieve any physical facilities without assistance from the engineering. “Engineers are the main hero who help materialise the agenda social transformation, development and prosperity and address the needs of the public.”
She was hopeful of cooperation from the engineers to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within timeline.
She also cited China, Singapore, and South Korea among other countries where engineers had contributed hugely for the greater good of the country.
The engineers attending the event had presented working paper on how to make engineering safer and more effective.

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