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Entertainment sector workers grapple with economic problems during prohibitory order

Published on : 11 June, 2021 10:17 pm

While the country is battling against the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic and has been under prohibitory order for nearly a month and a half to contain the deadly infection, those lower rung workers in the entertainment sector are grappling with financial constraints.

According to Biswas Nepal, organization working for the workers in the entertainment sector such as hotel, restaurant, dance clubs and singing clubs among others, altogether 25 workers were reported to have lost their jobs during the prohibitory-order enforced since April 29 this year.

At a virtual programme here today, Biswas Nepal President Tara Bhandari shard that women workers were hardest hit as financial issues apart, mental stress had been taking a toll on them.

Stating that over 800,000 people were estimated to be engaged in the entertainment sector in the country, Bhandari said that 25 workers had committed suicide owing to various reasons during the second wave.

An employment supports at least five people and in lack of job, many entertainment workers were driven to despair. The majority of the clubs, restaurants and hotels among other service-oriented sectors were closed during the first and second wave of COVID-19.

During the prohibitory order, all other services except for the essential ones, were shut down as preventive measures to stem the infection. The shutdown led to loss of jobs to many which contributed in aggravating problems for those daily wagers and underpaid workers. Bhandari added that 299 people from entertainment sector had committed suicide in the first wave.

Similarly, organization’s Bibek Sharma shared that many workers were languishing with psychological distress due to abrupt evacuation from their rented places and hand-to-mouth problems in lack of regular income during the ongoing prohibitory order.

The organization has been providing psycho-social counselling and in-kind support to the entertainment workers who have been reeling under the psychological and financial problems.

Also, those rendered jobless and considering self-employment programme have been provided subsistence-oriented as well as skill-based training for self-employment, said Rasana Dhakal who has been championing the entertainment workers

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