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Stock market : 17 billion turnover in one day

Published on : 30 May, 2021 4:47 pm

Kathmandu : The stock market is green the day after the government announces the budget.

On Sunday, the first day of the week, the stock market increased by 12.54 points and closed at 2827.93 points. A total of 42.636 million shares of 219 companies were traded on Sunday, with a turnover of Rs 17.284 billion. A total of 173,000 transactions were made on Sunday.

On Sunday, the Development Bank Group gained 255.25 points, the Mutual Fund Group 0.55 points, the Finance Group 83.91 points and the Non-Life Insurance Group 64.12 points. Similarly, hotel and tourism group increased by 137.36 points, banking group by 19.94 points and life insurance group by 96.01 points.

On Sunday, the trading group declined by 40.27 points, the microfinance group by 74.40 points, the investment group by 0.27 points, the other group by 54.64 points, the manufacturing and pro group by 5.31 points and the hydropower group by 0.66 points. .

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