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87.19 %Nepalese with access to the internet

Published on : 26 May, 2021 4:45 pm

In Nepal, 87.19 per cent of the population has access to internet.
According to the data (till the first eight months of the current fiscal year) unveiled by Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), over 26.35 million population is connected to internet facility and it registered over 936 thousand new users in the month of Fagun (mid-February to mid-March) compared to the previous months. It means till Fagun (March 13), 87.19 per cent population have access to internet.
The report was prepared being based in the population projection (2011-2030) and it assumes the current total population of Nepal to be at 29.87 million.
The number of people using the internet through mobile devices is the highest, making up 64.08 per cent of the total number of users. Likewise, 11.56 million population have access to 3G internet and the customers of Nepal Telecom are the largest contributors as their number is 9.94 million followed by 2.47 million of Ncell users.
This number was 11.35 million in the month of Magh (mid-January to mid-February) and in Fagun (mid-February to mid-March), it increased by 200 thousand.
Similarly, the number of 4G users has reached 7.66 million. Three telecommunications companies have launched the 4G services and the users of Ncell make up the highest portion (4.85 million).
The number of 4G users was 4.32 million in the month of Magh (mid-January to mid-February).
The data shows that the number of state-owned Nepal Telecom 4G service users has reached 2.58 million and their number in the month of Fagun (mid-February to mid-March) went up by 44,570 than in the previous month.
Similarly, the 4G service users of Smart Telecom has reached 223,145 and the number in the month of Fagun (mid-February to mid-March) rose by 1,000 than in the previous month.
The contribution of fixed broadband is 22.35 per cent: 812,000 and FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is over 5,945,000.

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