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Doctors at Galyang hospital do what seems impossible to save life

Published on : 25 May, 2021 5:54 pm

The Dhawalagiri Hospital in Baglung has five ventilator and ICU beds and they are all at present occupied as the entire country is grappling with the surging COVID-19 cases. Thirty-five beds meant for COVID-19 patients are also completely occupied.
Amidst this, a COVID-19 patient who is a 50-year-old male requiring a ventilator support was brought to the hospital on Sunday evening.
Doctors have no way except to referring the patient to Pokhara, but it initially seemed not possible to rush the patient to Pokhara which at least takes eight hours by car. It was a must to keep his health stable to take the patient safely to Pokhara for putting him on a ventilator.
But doctors overwhelmed with their responsibilities amidst the health crisis decided to seek a help of Ambu Bag to ensure oxygen supply to the patient through the mouth. Finally they became successful in their mission.
A medical team comprising physicians Dr Abhishek Wagle, Dr Sunil Silwal and Dr Prag Gajurel and others made it possible to maintain health stability of the patient and put on a ventilator.
Team was with the patient during the entire travel from Baglung to Pokhara and it reached the destination on Monday morning.
“This became possible due to the tremendous efforts on the part of medical squad,’’ said Dr Silwal. This practice is rare and though the recovery is less likely, we could put him on the ventilator. The patient has been admitted to the Pokhara-based Fishtail Hospital.

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