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Claim of Opposition Alliance Registered at President’s Office

Published on : 21 May, 2021 5:42 pm

A letter from 149 lawmakers, put forward by opposition alliance, staking claim to form a new government by making Sher Bahadur Deuba the prime minister has been registered at the President’s Office.

Leaders including UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal met the President and registered the claim with a majority signature.

According to sources in Shital Niwas, the President told the opposition alliance that a decision would be taken after consulting experts based on the constitution and the law as Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli too has claimed for government formation stating he has 153 lawmakers, including 121 from the UML.

However, JSP leaders who are said to be in favor of PM Oli have not submitted signatures according to the format called by the President but have only registered the letter on the party’s letter pad, according to Shital Niwas sources.

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