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Twelve bridges built by Bagmati province government inaugurated

Published on : 17 May, 2021 8:43 pm

Twelve small and medium size bridges built by the Bagmati province government have been virtually inaugurated today. The construction of these bridges had started last fiscal year and completed as of May 14.
The bridges inaugurated today include the Ghalepul linking Tarakeshwor and Tokha over the Bishnumati stream, the Sukedhara Dhobikhola bridge linking ward number 9 and 10 of Budhanilkantha in Kathmandu; the Majuwakhola bridge, two bridges over the Mahadevkhola stream in Bhaktapur district; the dadrenikhola bridge and the Bhawanikhola bridge in Chitwan district; the Palankhu Khola bridge and the Dhunge Khahare Culvert bridge in Dhading; and the Melamchi bridge and the suspension bridge over the Yambalingkhola stream in Sindhupalchok district.
Chief Minister of Bagmati province Dormani Poudel inaugurated the bridges via video conference today.
On the occasion, he said the province government was continuously at work. He added that 32 bridges have already been inaugurated before this.
CM Poudel announced that some other big bridges would be inaugurated within some months.
According to him, the province government would expedite the development and construction works again after the pandemic is brought under control.
Province government Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Development Rameshwor Phuyal said the province government was moving ahead towards making a complete change in the province.
Province government chief secretary Dr Mukunda Poudel and Physical Infrastructure and Development Ministry’s secretary sanjiv Baral were among the high officials were also present on the occasion.

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