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Booster dose of Vero Cell vaccine from today

Published on : 16 May, 2021 9:17 pm

The government has started providing the second dose of Vero Cell vaccine against Covid-19 in Kathmandu from today.

The District Office, Kathmandu earlier issued a public notice, urging the people belonging to 18-59 age group who had got the first-dose shots to get the second one.

The vaccine is available at all 11 municipalities in the district till May 28 and the beneficiaries of the first-dose could visit nearby vaccination centers for the booster dose, said Office Public Health Administrator Buddhi Bahadur Khadka.

Those who were vaccinated within April 7-10 could get inoculated today while those who were administered the vaccine within April 11-12 could get their second dose on May 17.

Similarly, May 18 is slated for those who received the vaccine within April 13 to 15 and those who got inoculated on within April 16 to 17 could get vaccinated on May 19.

Likewise, May 20 is slated for those receiving vaccine within April 18 to 19 while May 21 for those getting vaccinated within April 20-23. Those receiving vaccine within April 24-25 can get their booster dose on May 22. May 23 is slated for those vaccinated on April 26.
May 24 is scheduled to give second dose to those getting their first one on April 27 and May 25 is for those getting their first dose on April 28.

The first dose of the China-manufactured Vero Cell was administered within April 7-28.

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